Jaiymeka Cattery is located in sunny Perth, Western Australia. We are tucked away at the foot of the Darling Range Escarpment on a tranquil rural setting and only a 20 minute drive from Perth’s CBD.

Jaiymeka Cattery has been a registered breeder since 1998; we are also a financial member of Perth’s RSPCA. We also took an active role in the initial consultations to the new cat legislation in Perth.

We pride ourselves on our integrity, and our aim is to breed for health and temperament, quality rather than quantity.

Jaiymeka Cattery has closed one chapter of its breeding career, and will no longer breed exclusively Silver and Goldens.

We will continue to selectively breed Top Show kittens of this colour; we have set the bench mark for others to follow with regards to Goldens. We are renowned worldwide for their very beautiful pale golden colouring, with no tabby bars and stunning emerald green eyes, and pale long flowing coats.

We have achieved supreme in Shows, and Group 1 Cat of the Year, not an easy fest for a Golden. Many of our Goldens have reached Platinum Grand Champions, the highest title in our registering body.

Over the past year we have been written about throughout the world in various magazines, showcasing our very pale Golden Chinchilla Persians, a recent one was done in Brazil and the latest was Mumbai.

Jaiymeka is now opening up a new chapter with new cats and new exciting colours,
Himalayans in various colours Smokes and Tortie Smoke BiColours in various colours, and Silver Torties in addition with Tabbies of various colours.

Here at Jaiymeka Cattery we raise our kittens in our home as part of our family. They are not raised in cages- they are quite happy to help you on the computer, tapping away or reading the paper, trying to shred it their way, or just sit happily near you, or better still on you - they are quite content to lie and sleep with you when watching TV or reading. You will find many cats sleeping on our beds at night or curled up in the sun. They will be accustomed to the normal household noise, be socialised with young children and other animals.

All kittens, which are sold as pets, are desexed, microchipped, vet health checked prior to leaving us. They will have pedigree papers; they will also have an extensive starter pack with goodies to help the transition to their new homes.

All enquiries are welcome. 
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Jaiymeka Cattery does not offer stud service and all kittens are desexed prior to leaving.




One of the Bodyguards

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KMPV trained working (Belgian Malinois)